I Became Friends with the Second Cutest Girl in My ClassWN
Author :Yagisa
Latest Release : CH 229


p IMaehara Makisomeone who couldn rsquo t make any acquaintances or friends in high schoolfinally had someone I can hang out with outside of schoolA girl p
p Her name was Asanagi sanThe boys in my class called herlsquo The class rsquosecond cutest girl rsquobehind her back p
p On Fridaysshe would refuse her best friendAmami lsquo the cutest girl in class rsquoinvitation just to hang out in my house with me p
p Togetherwe played gameswatched some moviesread some manga while eating junk foods like pizza and hamburgersand chugging cola without a care in the worldTo otherswe may seem sloppybut it was a precioussecret time together for Asanagi san and I p

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